June 1st: God and Money…Spirituality in an Affluent Society

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : May 26, 2005

On June 1st, the Pub Gathering will be exploring an issue that you all know is near and dear to my heart: "God and Money…Spirituality in an Affluent Society."

If this topic is of interest to you, I encourage you to come.  Just let me know if you’re going to be there, so that I can secure enough space.

Mark Van Steenwyk is the editor of He is a Mennonite pastor (Missio Dei in Minneapolis), writer, speaker, and grassroots educator. He lives in South Minneapolis with his wife (Amy), son (Jonas) and some of their friends.

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    susie albert miller 3 years ago
    such a good topic, glad you are having a round table about it. glad to have met you, share a meal, and learn about your mission to expose the consumerism we as christians are guilty has challenged and humbled me...


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