An Open Letter to Evangelical Christians

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : November 23, 2004

Today my friend Jeff posted an Open Letter to Evangelical Christians.  It is well worthy your perusal.  In his open letter, Jeff challenges evangelical Christians to embrace the fullness of the Gospel.  Here’s a sample:

We have loved sacrifice instead of mercy. We have believed what is
right instead of done what is right. We have thought more highly of
ourselves than we should. We have exchanged biblical Christianity for
white-American-upper-middle-class-male Christianity. And for what
purposes have we done this? So that we might have the biggest churches?
The most churches? The most famous churches?

Fellow Christians, we
have exchanged the subversive Story of God for three palatable points.
We have robbed people of the struggle of believing, the joy of
unknowing and the magnificence of paradox. We have marketed our God
like the latest-and-greatest self-help program or get-rich-quick
scheme, instead of the God who showers favor on the wicked and
righteous alike. And why have we done this? So that we might have the
best people? The most people? The most famous people?

Read the post.  The only push-back I would offer is that we remind ourselves that there is hope.  Every tradition neglects the Gospel on some points.  American Evangelicals aren’t unique in this.  However, we are unique in our level of resources–both academic and economic.  Our movement is diverse enough to foster the sort of evangelicalism we need.  There are some signs of hopeful, discontented people moving towards the sort of Christianity Jeff longs for. 

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