Pastor Worship

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : November 2, 2004

Here’s a good post from House Church Blog about the phenomenon of “pastor worship.”

Mark Van Steenwyk is the editor of He is a Mennonite pastor (Missio Dei in Minneapolis), writer, speaker, and grassroots educator. He and his wife Amy have been married since 1997. They are expecting their first child in April.

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2 Responses to “Pastor Worship”

  1. Chris B. on November 2nd, 2004 1:59 pm

    Thanks for pointing this post out, Mark. It gets at a phenomenon that I call in my own terminology the “double robbery” of professional Christian pastorship. The pastor is robbed by his congregants of life and love, and the ability to reach out as a normal person and ask for help. The congregants are robbed by the pastor of the lion’s share of ministry and responsibility before God. Double robbery and nobody wins.

  2. Van S on November 2nd, 2004 4:54 pm

    Not only do pastors rob ministry, but the congregation leaves their valuables on the front lawn for easy pickings.

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