Community-Friendly Theology

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : September 9, 2004

I stumbled upon a great article by Bob Lupton called “Community-Friendly Theology” This sort of approach to “parish” ministry is excellent. Churches that are geographically based instead of demongraphically based really excite me. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have the same “numbers.”

I’m excited, because Bob Lupton is coming to Minneapolis for a luncheon with local church leaders. Since I got an invite, I’m planning on going. I desperately want Missio Dei to be the sort of community of faith that shows love to South Minneapolis. I am tired of churches that don’t reach out to their neighborhood. I am weary of churches that use most of their resources for attracting people, and precious little on reaching people–there is a HUGE difference in my book. The thought that Missio Dei could end up like makes my stomach get tied up into a knot. But turning back human nature is hard.

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